Air-Matt Transfer Mattresses are designed to assist with patient lateral transfers and repositioning within the hospital, long term care facilities or at home. They come as either a Reusable or a Single Patient Use (SPU) Disposable Transfer Mattress.

reusable disposable short disposable standard Waterproof-Flat-Sheet

How It Works

An Air-Matt Transfer Mattress moves a patient on a soft nylon air mattress inflated with low pressure, high volume air. Holes in the underside allow air to escape. The escaping air acts as a lubricant, reducing friction, making movement of the mattress and the patient effortless.

The Purpose

Less physical effort and strain reduces caregiver injuries, predominantly the back injuries associated with lateral transfers and patient repositioning. Fewer injuries equate to fewer workers’ compensation claims, less time lost to injuries, less light duty assignments and increased caregiver job satisfaction. Additionally, the Air-Matt Transfer Mattress reduces patient physical movement that often leads to pain and discomfort. It supports the patient safely and results in a smooth, secure transfer, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Air Supplies

To operate your Transfer Mattress you will need a compatible Air Supply. Air-Matt Transfer Mattresses are compatible with all major manufacturers’ air supply systems. This includes Hovermatt,® Arjo- Huntleigh,™ Stryker,® EZ Way,® Air Movement Technologies, Inc. and Airpal®. Other manufacturers’ air supplies may also be compatible.


The Air-Matt SPU Disposable Transfer Mattress is of sewn construction consisting of a vapor permeable nylon and PVC fabric body with a polypropylene cover. It is designed to be cleaned or optionally laundered for reuse with the same patient.

SPU Disposable Transfer Mattress Available Sizes
78" (198cm)28" (71cm) , 34" (86cm), 39" (99cm), 50" (127cm)
48" (122cm)34" (86cm) , 39" (99cm)

The Air-Matt Reusable Transfer Mattress is of sewn construction consisting of a vapor permeable nylon twill and PVC fabric body. It is designed for continuous duty use and may be heavily cleaned or laundered as required.

Reusable Transfer Mattress Available Sizes
78" (198cm)28" (71cm), 34" (86cm), 39" (99cm), 50" (127cm)

There is no Latex used in the construction in any Air-Matt products. They are X-Ray and MRI compatible.

Disposable Covers

The Air-Matt Disposable Cover is a white soft flat sheet with a top absorbent layer that wicks fluid away from the surface and a waterproof underside to stop fluid getting through to the equipment below. 50 per box containing bags of 10 individually sealed.

Disposable Transfer Mattress Cover Size
79" (200cm)61" (156cm)

The Air-Matt Transfer Mattress Cover is constructed of a 60 gsm punched , non woven, top layer for absorbency and a 20 gsm micro porous backing for waterproofing that is also breathable. Each Mattress Cover retains up to 1.6l of fluid.