I am worried about my safety and the safety of my patients.

Hospitals are the most dangerous workplace in the world. Hospitals are literally making patients out of their work force. Statistically, you are more likely to have a workplace injury than any other group of workers in the United States. Over 50% of all nurses complain of severe back pain and nearly two out of five require time off from work for back pain. One in eight leave the profession prematurely due to debilitating injuries.

As an individual, you need to exercise care and concern for your personal safety as you do for your patients. If your hospital does not have a Safe Patient Handling Program, encourage them to do so. If they do have a program, support it. Studies have shown the path to personal safety is through the use of mechanical equipment, there is no non mechanical safe way to lift and transfer patients. Even if you are not directly injured while moving a patient, the cumulative stress on your muscul0skeletal system will eventually take its toll on you.

We can help. Air-Matt lateral air transfer mattresses are one of the safest and most comfortable ways to laterally transfer a patient. Safest for you and comfortable for your patient. Please take the time to use the equipment available to you, we want you to have a long and happy career.

I want safe and dignified care for my patients.

Patient comfort, satisfaction and safety are emphasized now more than ever because of legislation requiring reductions in hospital payments for certain defined non-reimbursable events. Of the eleven events at risk for non payment, at least half were immobility related consequences of care. Clearly the burden will come to rest with the caregivers to implement solutions for this new emphasis on the patient.

Air-Matt can help. Among options for lateral transfers, Air-Matt air assisted lateral transfer mattresses are the most comfortable for the patient. More comfort means less patient stress.