Air-Matt products are designed for hospitals, extended care facilities and home healthcare providers who are already familiar with the principles of Safe Patient Handling (SPH) and lateral air transfer systems or are working with qualified SPH advisors to maximize their existing capabilities. Our Transfer Mattresses are similar in design, materials and are fully compatible with all of the major manufacturers including Hovermatt®, Arjo- Huntleigh™, Stryker®, EZ Way®, Air Movement Technologies, Inc. and Airpal®.

Over the past 30 plus years thousands of lateral air transfer systems have been put in to service and many now languish on the shelves of hospitals across America. The most common reason is the loss of the related air Transfer Mattress. Transfer Mattresses are most commonly lost during clean up, cleaning or laundering when they are inadvertently thrown out or damaged, necessitating a major capital expenditure to rejuvenate a once hard fought for SPH product. Air-Matt Reusable Transfer Mattresses are designed to be reliable, well built replacement transfer mattresses which are fully compatible with your existing air supply, at an affordable price. Returning unused air transfer system air supplies to productive use puts more equipment in to the hands of your nursing staff thereby recycling your previous investment.

The introduction of Single Patient Use disposable transfer mattresses was a major step forward in making air assisted lateral transfer technology available and less susceptible to transfer mattress loss. Early versions were true single use products with water soluble thread that did not encourage cleaning and re-use. The downside of these programs was their effect on direct hospital operating costs.

Today’s Single Patient Use product is generally, highly cleanable and has limited launderability. It can generally be re-used about 20 times. The decision to re-use a disposable transfer mattress with the same or multiple patients  is left to the hospital infection control specialists who can measure it’s use within the context of the individual hospital environment. Our Single Patient Use Disposable Transfer Mattress, as well as those of the other major manufacturers, are of this current design. Single Patient Use Programs allowing re-use with the same patient are less costly than Single Use programs.

We believe programs using a combination of Reusable and Disposable Transfer Mattresses best balance cost efficiency and ease of use. We hope you will consider our products in your program.